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Marketing ROI: Learning Inbound Sales Marketing and Online Lead Generation Inbound sales marketing and online lead generation are two concepts and processes involved in sales and marketing that businesses are engaging these days. Sales and marketing have evolved with the modernization, affecting lifestyle involving social interaction, business management, purchasing and promotion of products and services. In this article, we will learn about inbound sales marketing and online lead generation, and how they affect sales and return of investment on businesses. Marketing used to be in a form of trade shows, cold calls, email list buying and other traditional activities some would be considered as spam in today’s modern era. Today, we have inbound marketing which is a more unique and more focused approach on each individual buyer compared to mass marketing. Human beings are everywhere and sales is going in the same pacing and direction, whereas inbound sales marketing helps in generating new leads. Inbound sales is basically the process of focusing on a customer’s personal needs, frustrations, points of pain and goals. A salesperson always prioritizes the needs of the customer before anything else. The core concept of inbound sales marketing is encouraging customers to hand their needs for the product or service you offer, and not making some overwhelming assumptions on your part. Once a smart inbound salesman is able to puzzle out the customer’s words and actions, he will be able to create a personalized sales approach basing on the customer’s needs and interests. In online lead generation, a lead is a potential buyer contacting you who is interested in your products and services, and these are the ones filling out the forms who are coming from your website or those who call your number listed on your website. You can generate online leads by having a visible, informative, user-friendly and interactive website for you to generate visitors and a good traffic. The website of your business showing all information about your products and services is the hub of your future online marketing and other activities involving online lead generation. Conversion rate is the total number of leads generated divided by the total number of visitors to your website over a period of time.
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For you increase your website’s traffic you can apply the following traffic-driving tactics: search engine optimization, blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, and referral traffic. If these tactics are applied and implemented properly, it increase the quality and quantity of your website’s traffic, and inbound marketing strategy is achieved by utilizing all of these tactics. Whenever your leads engage with your website’s content and information, they build up a specific digital profile for you to be able to study and analyze the products and services which are on demand, thereby creating a personalized approach to establish a sale. It is important for businesses to be able to adapt to technological changes in order to have an edge and compete with the market today.What I Can Teach You About Companies