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What To Know About The Flower Industry

Believe it or not, the flower industry is among the highest industries in lots of underdeveloped and developing countries. Floriculture industry began in late 19th century in the UK where flowers were actually grown on large scale on vast estates. Current floral industry however is global, dynamic and fast growing industry which has achieved huge growth rates over the past few decades.

As a matter of fact, in the 50s, global flower trade was just less than 3 billion dollars but by 1994, it grows to over a hundred billion dollars. In recent years, the floral industry grown to at least 6 percent per annum.

The growers, wholesalers and retailers whose businesses are intermingled are essentially the 3 major components that made the floral industry goes. Recent trends are focused more on eliminating the intermediaries, wholesalers between retailers and growers. Through this, flowers may be offered for a lower price.
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Some flowers are sent packed flat, which has allowed big volumes of flowers be packed in small spaces like aircraft holds. Other flowers however will not be able to survive long periods being out of water like gerberas, water lilies and orchids. These are sent either with own sealed water container or referred as pick on every stem end. But because of this, expect these flowers to have a higher price tag.
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The last method is capable of extending the flower’s life while reducing labor time because the flowers are set for sale but this can also reduce the volume of flowers that could be transported since they’re a lot heavier than dry-packed flowers and hence, air transportation charges are quite expensive.

Depending on where flowers are grown and to how they’ll be sold, it is taking several routes to consumers. There are some growers who cut and pack flowers right at their nurseries and send them straight to the consumer mail order. There are also some flowers that are sent to packing companies who are grading the flowers and arranging them in bunches to be delivered by mail or be sold to supermarkets. Once again, some of the flowers available are graded as well as sleeved by growers and sold at the wholesale flower markets. Wholesalers sell t hem to the florists who conditions and arrange the flowers for consumers.

Experts believe that the production is focused on traditional growers to countries where the climates are better and labor and production costs are lower. This resulted in paradigm shift in flower industry.

Still, there are lots of things that can and will happen in floral industry given that people’s demand for flowers are high.