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Intrigues as EPL Comes to the End

It is interesting to follow up events in EPL as the season heads into the penultimate. Events do not let become just any other season. The case is different this year and no surprises like last year’s Their performance in the Champions league were awesome; reaching the quarterfinals. Even regulars including Arsenal and Manchester City failed to get into the quarterfinals. Representing the blue side of London, Chelsea has been on top of the table since October last year. No one doubts that they will emerge champions.

Other big boys in the league will now battle it four the top four positions. Finishing in the top four positions comes with a ticket to take part in champions league football next season. Of the four positions, two are secured with Tottenham and Chelsea. Four teams have to battle it out for the two remaining slots. The arrival of Antonio Conte revitalized the rugged Chelsea. He came with new systems and formations besides instilling necessary unity in the dressing. Discipline was missing during Jose Mourinho’s fateful last season at Stamford Bridge. The performance has been consistent since they received a beating from Arsenal in October.

The rate of scoring goals, the pace at which they play their football and the number of points accumulated describes the performance of Tottenham this season. The result is another Champions League football next season. Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal have t sharpen their tools to secure the two slots. The teams have equal chances of taking the two positions. Everton will finish seventh irrespective of what happens at the end.

Considerably, Liverpool has an easy path. They have three matches to go and are favorable games. On the flipside, the other three contenders have games in hand. Wins in the remaining games will assure Manchester City a third place. Wins in their remaining matches will assure them of the third spot.

The steeple for Manchester United is longer. They find themselves between a hard place and a rock. They are in the Europa League final. The prize comes with Champions League Football. The team wants this. It is also the shortest path for the team. With Tottenham one of the opponents to face, Jose Mourinho is likely to prioritize the Europa League trophy.

Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are their own enemies. Wenger has been there and understands the tricks of EPL. The question stills lingers over his failure to command performances. For the first time in the history of football, Wenger beat Mourinho in a competitive match. It will be history if Wenger fails to qualify for Champions League. The challenge is great for finishing in EPL top four.