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Tips for Buying an Air Fryer Most air fryers utilize the same basic technology and so have rather similar features. All of them use a hot air circulation mechanism to cook food, meaning there is no difference in their designs. However, there are tons of options of these appliances in the market today. If you plan to buy an air fryer, the following questions will help you make a wise purchase: How big is your countertop?
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Ensure there is enough space for storing and cooking with the air fryer.
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Can your kitchen outlets support 800-1400 watts? It is important as well that your kitchen outlets are able to support a standard air fryer’s wattage requirement, which can range from 800 to 1400 watts. How much and what type of food do you plan to cook with the air fryer? Knowing the amount as well as types of food you will be cooking, is important when choosing an air fryer. Regular air fryers can cook between 1.8 and 2.5 pounds of food, which is great for general daily cooking. However, if you plan to cook a whole chicken or a turkey in the air fryer, you’ll need a bigger than standard capacity. What control levels and features do you want? Figuring out the settings available on the air fryer will help you decide more wisely. Air fryers can usually be set to 360 degrees and have built-in timers simple cooking. Depending on the brand and model, however, they may fall short of amount of heat required to cook certain kinds of food. With some air fryers, you can cook two food items separately at once. Other Points to Consider Air fryers usually cost over $200, but as mini fryers, they are rather economical. Obviously, they are very useful to fried food lovers. If you like some variety, you’ll happy to know that these appliances come in a variety of colors too. As it simplifies the process of frying food from beginning to end, an air fryer is easily a valuable appliance for you and your whole family. In comparison to oil frying, air frying substantially minimizes your prep, cooking and cleanup time, all in one go. Moreover, air fryers offer the additional benefit of increasing the health value of fried foods. Of course, foods that taste great when fried can also be as fantastic when baked. Baking does not usually give food the same texture that frying does, but if it doesn’t make the food less palatable, you may want to go ahead with it. And here’s what: air fryers can also bake, grill and roast! Now that’s flexibility you don’t often get in your kitchen.