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Equipment That You Need for the Paintball Game Though the game is not a common one, it has been a favorite to many who know it. In fact, besides being a lively wild game, it is used to facilitate training for the military and the police. Paintball game is a game in which players eliminate opponents by shooting at them with a dye filled breakable paintballs. The paintball can be made from different substances depending on the manufacturer. Sometimes this game is applied to suppress dangerous suspects using non-lethal weapons. The games are both an indoor and outdoor type. Depending on whether it is outdoor and the resources available, the field can be large as possible. Playing can take place in a natural or artificial terrain which is right for tactical activities. The game can be played in different versions. These include, attack and defense, capturing of objects, elimination, ammunition restriction, and others. No minimum amount of time is set for the game and will depend on the arrangements made; it can be as long as seconds or days. In different countries, the game may be illegal or limited. You can take the advantage and feel the tactical life if the game is allowed in your nation. If it is not legal in your country, ensure to try it out when you take a holiday to one of the countries where the game is allowed. The player must, however, be fully protected irrespective of the country. In every game, there are norms and regulations that must be followed, the same applies for the paintball. Being in possession of paintball is number one requirement. The paintball is made of a biodegradable gel and a coat which breaks upon impact. The layer who have been shot at gets the mark of paint. The paintball park is made with ingredients that make it hard to rub. However, the color dissolves in water making it easy to clean. Another necessity id the paintball marker is commonly known as the gun. Its purpose is to aim and hit the opponent. Ammunitions which in this case are the paintballs are a must.
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The masks and goggles are essential components of this game. These two items are designed to enhance the safety of the player when in action. If you don’t have the mask and the goggles, then, you keep off the game and let those who have enjoy it. If a person is not armored with the gear; you are not supposed to shoot at him/her. The use of the pads and podcast is to provide an easy to access storage of the paintballs. There are other items that depend on the place where the game is being played. Items such as elbow and knee pads, jersey and pants and gloves are essential for the outdoor game.Practical and Helpful Tips: Paintball