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How Technology Can be Used for Fast Approval of Commercial Loan Applications

Timing is very important when making a loan and this is something that every loan rep or broker knows. The timing must be right in order for the deal to be completed. The approval of a loan is closely associated with perfect timing.

The problem is that sometimes borrowers are not able to get all the needed documents on time. You need not wait long until everything gets approved but it will involve hard work on your part.

With internet information easy to access, you can leverage information technology to get your commercial property loan. The information you retrieve in the internet can help expedite the loan-approval process.

Every underwriter asks for a picture of the property. They have no reason to wait for a borrower to submit a picture. If they use online tools they can easily find property pictures.

Street and aerial property views are available in map tools online. Sending pictures taken from map tools online can easily be sent to the underwriter requiring them. Don’t send out of date pictures. The date of the picture will tell you how recent or how old the picture is. if You are giving old property pictures to a lender, you should update your lender and assure them that updated pictures will be provided once the loan-approval process is initiated.

You will also be required by the underwriter to give your property details so that he can push for your loan application one step farther in the process of loan approval. If you are unable to find this information, you can use another online tool which helps people to find all the reports associated with a property’s history, area, parcel size, tenant, tax history, and other important information. The best part is that using this tool is free. This tool also has a filter to help your differentiate good deals from bad ones.

Submitting underwriter requirements on time will allow you to be able to get your commercial loan quickly and if you use your internet resources and tools you will just be able to give the required property pictures and property details at the time that it is required of you. With simple mouse clicks all these requirements will be available to you.

Now you can be of help to other seeking fast commercial loan approval by informing them that there are internet resources and tools that they can use in order to come up with underwriter requirements for the quick approval of their loans.
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